Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Child Discipleship a Priority

In my last post, I talked about the importance of us, as parents, training our children, at home, to follow God.  The first step is to make biblical training a priority.

I think most of us would say it already is a priority in our homes, but does our schedule reflect that?  If we wrote down everything our families did for the past week, would biblical training be up there toward the top?  Or would it rank somewhere below computer time, watching t.v., ball practice, and a hundred other little things that creep in to steal away our time?  I know I would be embarrassed to show the breakdown of how our time is actually spent wasted every week.

Robin at Live, Love, Educate had a lovely post recently entitled Teaching the Important "Stuff" .  She shares how she switched the focus of her day to God, and how the entire climate of her home has
changed for the better.  My favorite line is, "Teaching her about Jesus is no longer the "if we get to it" subject, it's now the "even if we don't get to anything else today" subject." I love this.  I immediately began to reevaluate to see what we could eliminate from our day to spend more time on the truly important things.

You see, we can't simply create more hours in the day.  And I'm sure, like me, you aren't sitting around staring at each other wondering what on earth you could do to fill the time.  Not hardly!  The time slots in our day are already full, so in order to add a new discipline we have to get rid of something.

Now it's time for the tough questions.

What are you doing that is less important than biblical training?
What can you give up, for a time, to focus more attention on biblical training? 

This was tough for us.  We tried to incorporate more training into our day when our kids were in school and we couldn't make it work.  The kids were tired after school and we always had something to do in the evenings (church, practice, games, etc.).  We had to work with the "leftovers" as my friend Amy says.  The kids were alert and attentive all day at school, but by the time they got home they were done.  My husband and I prayed for a while, and finally made the decision to homeschool (which I never dreamed I'd do, by the way).  Now we teach the Bible as part of their daily curriculum, and since we finish quicker than they would at school, we have more family time to teach them all the other important "stuff" they need to know.

If homeschooling is not an option for you, what other changes can you make?  Tomorrow, I'll post a list of easy ways to incorporate biblical training into your day, but you still have to make time for it.  You can't talk at dinner if dinners are always eaten in the car on the way to the ball field (been there, done that!).  If you can't pry the kids, or yourself, away from the computer (or whatever else), you're going to find that your days and weeks go by with no valuable interaction (yup, been there, done that again!).

So PRAY!  Ask God to show you areas in your family's life that you can make adjustments.  He will honor you in your efforts.

I'll be posting more ideas on what biblical training actually looks like in a regular family, so check back often.  In fact, why not "like" us on facebook, follow us, or subscribe through email so you won't miss anything.  All of those options can be found in the sidebar.  Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you for the kind mention. God is really convicting me about a lot of things right now. Time management, how and what I'm teaching, etc. I certainly don't think He's convicting me because I'm some "great spiritual being", but more like because I'm THAT far out of whack!

    As with anything that you teach your children, it's great to see them learn. But, there is nothing greater than to hear my daughter pray for other children, and know it's because of what God has given me to share in His word.

    Looking forward to reading about your upcoming months. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for posting this! We are in the "throws" of looking into sending our two oldest to our local public school(9 and 11 year olds, who have always been homeschooled), and I could really use tips on how to continue to make Biblical training a top priority in the midst of homework, etc...trying to stay positive, but very concerned as to how this will all play out.


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