Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lauren's Butterfly Birthday

"Lauren Grace with a Lovely Face" celebrated her 6th birthday on September 9th.

I asked what type of birthday she wanted, and she said, "Butterflies!"

Excellent!  A quick perusal of Pinterest, and I was good to go.

As I've said before, I'm all about the birthday cupcakes!

I bought the cupcake liners in the cake decorating section at Wal-Mart.  I just stuck the pretzels in the frosting and added the M&M's for the body and head.  I tried adding antennae with black frosting, but it didn't look right, so I didn't bother!

Yeah, I went all out with the banner. LOL!

Emma, and my niece, Kyla painted butterflies on the girls' faces.

Ben did balloon animals.  Always a crowd pleaser.

I found some garden-themed foam sticker, and let the kids decorate their own cups.

We also had a really simple and super cute butterfly craft made from coffee filters and pipe cleaners.

First, the kids colored all over the coffee filter with washable markers.
Then, They put them down on a paper towel and sprayed them with water.  The colors blend together in a most impressive fashion.

They folded the pipe cleaners in half and twisted from the bottom to about the halfway mark.  Then, they pinched the coffee filter in the middle, tucked it in between the two sides of the pipe cleaner, and gave it a few more twists to secure.  Curling the ends to make antennae finished them off.

They did a wonderful job and most of the kids could do this project with little to no adult help.  That's a huge plus at a kid's party!  By the way, they were still wet when we put them together, but were dry by the time the party was over.

For some reason, I didn't take a picture of the other craft/take home gift, but it was made from ziploc snack bags and clothespins.  The kids glued google eyes on to the tops of the clothespins, pinched them on the center of the baggies, and then opened each side and filled them with M&M's.  We also took a smaller piece of pipe cleaner and clipped it in the top of the clothespin, curling the ends for antennae.  Can you picture that?  Here is a Pinterest picture of a similar craft if you need the visual.

Happy Birthday to you....happy birthday to you....happy birthday, dear Lauren....happy birthday to you.

The guest really outdid themselves on the gifts this year.  Maybe every 6-year-old girl likes the same stuff, because it was as if they all had a peak at her wish list.  She got stuff that she had been asking for for a long time, but none of the guests knew that ahead of time.  So cool.

She got nail polish, and hair clips, and bows, and princesses, oh my!  Such a wonderful time, and we were grateful to our friends and family for making her day so special.

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